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YWAM Publishing, working together with Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship and Christian Library International (CLI), has developed a project to reach out to more than 1.3 million high- and maximum-security prisoners across the United States, providing them with free access to our inspiring and life-changing Christian Heroes: Then & Now biographies. This special set of 65 books (42 in English, 23 in Spanish) is composed of amazing true stories that deeply touch and challenge the hearts of men and women of all ages. Each story is written on a level that is easily grasped, gently opening readers’ hearts and minds to the reality of the personal, loving, and merciful God of Scripture.


We need your help. Since June 2014, donations for the project have enabled us to send out 1,279 sets of books that have already had a dramatic impact on thousands of prisoners from all walks of life. Every week we receive hand-written letters from inmates, describing how their hearts were touched deeply and their spirits encouraged and challenged by these dynamic true stories. 


Books are able to reach inmates in maximum-security prisons (general population and death row) that most citizens cannot. Each book, often read by numerous inmates, is stamped with contact information so that inmates, in response to the message and challenge of the books, can reach out for additional Bible study and discipleship help. The book sets include English and Spanish titles in a ratio that closely matches prison populations, making them accessible to the majority of US prisoners.


The majority of prisoners return to prison after they have been released, showing that serving time, by itself, doesn’t change a person’s way of life. The Christian Heroes: Then & Now biographies portray Christian role models who trusted in God and lived for the sake of others and for God’s kingdom. With over 3.5 million Hero books currently in print, we’ve received an avalanche of reader feedback that clearly indicates that these books challenge faulty worldviews, replacing them with a new vision for life devoted to God. And written as engaging stories, they do this in a way that is nonthreatening and entertaining.


Click on Testimonies to read powerful letters we have received from prisoners who have read our books.




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