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Cases of books have shipped to almost 1,000 prisons!

June 25th, 2018


With an average of 1,000 inmates per facility, almost a million prisoners have access to the life-changing Christian Heroes: Then & Now stories! We recently had a stamping party staffed by volunteers (including 3 local homeschooling families) who graciously helped stamp the inside of each book. The families stamped the 4,875 books that made up the 75 sets of 65 books. We are very grateful their help. 


The stamped imprint provides the inmates with contact information and the opportunity to get involved in one-on-one Bible study and discipleship through Christian Library International (CLI), our partner for this project. A significant part of CLI’s ministry is inmate Bible-study correspondence. CLI is currently corresponding with 9,000 inmates. 


We continue to receive a stream of positive feedback from inmates about the books they have received. 


Lorena, an inmate in Eloy, Arizona,  recently wrote:


“I liked the story of Eric Liddell a lot and would like to know more of this individual. … The same as the book on  Corrie ten Boom. … I like the phrase Betsie ten Boom said: ‘There is no wall too profound that the love of God cannot reach.’ [The people in the books] are so important in my life, because they were people who followed God’s calling wherever they were. Thank you for these books. They were useful to me and will be useful for the next generation.” 


Lorena goes on to ask for prayer for her children and extended family.


Please join with us to reach out to the hundreds of thousands of US inmates who need an introduction to a living relationship with Jesus Christ. These books model exactly what that relationship looks like. 


Warren Walsh
YWAM Publishing




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