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"I found the book of Corrie Ten Boom and I read it. For the first time in my life a book made me cry, I feel God is working in my heart to learn to forgive others through this book.”


inmate in California

“I would like at this time to personally thank you on behalf of the men here at CCI for your ministry in donating materials. The Prison Heroes books will be distributed between the General Population Offenders and the Offenders on Death Row.”

Lawrence E. Freeman,

                      Chaplain Ohio

“We are recent beneficiaries of your outreach program and the proud recipients of one of your boxes of books, 'Christian Heroes.' We were astounded at the extent of your generosity and words cannot properly express our gratitude! Thank you.


The books have been made available to the women in our medical units as well as to any number of women in population who attend our daily groups and services in the Chapel or to the women who frequent our general library. Anecdotally, I understand that the books have been very well received! Thanks again.


In a nutshell, you are making a big difference in the lives of those less fortunate and we are so blessed to have caring organizations such as yours. Please know that we continue to remember you and wonderful organization in prayer. May God bless you all!”

Sister Mary Ann C.,
Chaplain, NY



“I would like to read more stories about the Christian Heroes: Then & Now… The truth is that I am in prison and my soul is tormented and these books encourage me. Thank you for sending me the book William Carey.”

inmate in Lawrenceville, GA



“Right now I’m in prison, San Quentin State Prison, and I’m starting a life sentence… The book I have in my hands is Jacob DeShazer: Forgive Your Enemies. And the title of the book has had a big impact on my life. Hope you guys can help me to forgive my enemies through reading material and prayers."

inmate in California





"Recently I started to read the Bible and to know about God. I have read the book Is that really you, God? and Adoniram Judson (Christian Heroes: Then & Now), and I am impressed of their testimonies and how God called them and lead them to obey Him. I want to know more about God and His purposes for my life."


inmate in Georgia



“Some days ago, I read a great book titled Persecution in Holland on the life of Corrie ten Boom, full of faith in the promises of God. A story which reflects the love we can get from others, when we know the commandments of Christ and want to take the truth, and like what our Savior said: “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and this lady, her family and other brothers [did that]. Very impressive story… I am preparing myself for the time I get out to take the understanding of the Word and salvation to all. Because God does not want anyone to get lost but to get eternal life.

inmate in Indian Springs, Nevada



“My name is Jesús J. I read the story of the life of George Müller, and it made me cry when I read it. I am studying the Bible and had never read it before.


Now that I know God, I like it very much and I know that Jesus Christ gave His life for me and for all of us. God willing, I will get out. But, all is very different now that I know God.


He is transforming me and washing me of all sin; He helps me speak of His word to other prisoners that are with me. Thank God, He changes hearts and our lives because He is love. Sincere love."

inmate in Washington State



“These books (Christian Heroes biographies) have been a great help for those who are jail. I am 43 years old and have come to God, since I don’t have any family in this country, these books help me not to get depressed. Thank you.”


inmate in Okanogan, WA

“Thank you so much for the recent donation of [the Hero titles]. The Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility is a maximum security state prison that houses male felons, ages 15-21, who have been adjudicated as adults. The State of Nebraska Department of 

Correctional Services focuses on rehabilitation of these youth, as well as providing religious resources for their spiritual development. Your donation is much appreciated in that respect, and will be available for the use of all inmates."

Marilyn A.,
Religious Coordinator II

"I want to say thank you for the box of books called Christian Heroes. I am in a 1200 bed prison. About 1/4 of those are youth. I have been giving those books out and requesting their honor to have them returned. The youth are eating them like popcorn. I teach two Bible studies on Monday night. I have them give oral book reports of what they read. This makes others interested and they want to read that book as well. Those books are a blessing. Thank You”

Brian Becker,

Chaplain, Michigan

"What I like about the Christian heroes books is the courage and boldness of the people that obey God. Now, I also want to obey Him and I want His will done in my life."


inmate in California

“I am writing a letter to let you know that I’m encouraged by the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series. A lot of books come through this jail and none of them express experience, strength and hope. They express their experience, doom and gloom. I’m encouraged when I read this series as many of these men and women have experienced extreme hardships and made a huge impact on God’s people. I’ve learned that ‘living’ is not about me. It’s about the salvation of God’s people.”

inmate in Washington State



“Thanks so much for your kind donation for the men here at Coyote Ridge CorrectionsCenter. Without generous support like this, our inmates would have only limited opportunities to express their faith. Thank you for contributing and please know we are all very grateful.” 

Eric A., Chaplain



“I read two books, Corrie ten Boom and Loren Cunningham. They spoke to my heart because of their courage and tenacity to push forward. I am a prisoner waiting for my sentence. I ask you to pray for me and my family that I can overcome this nightmare. Reading your books, I am strengthened to push forward.


Quite a few of the women inmates are reading two or more of your books. I personally have only read only two, but they have touch me deeply. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly. You all make a great work around the world!


I had never been in jail before, and at times it is very difficult. But, God gives me strength. I have now been 10 months waiting for a sentence and hope that day will come soon. I have 3 children waiting for me, a husband, my mom and brothers & sisters, which I adore. I pray God to allow me soon to get back to their sides!”

inmate in Richmond, CA







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